Dual TLSA 100


Dual TLSA 100 : A highly integrated lightscreen amlifier-controller system

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Double measurements:

Under certain circumstances it can become necessary to measure two velocities  parallel or sequentially to get demanded data (Information). The following list shows some examples of double measurements, but makes no claim to completeness.

- To make sure that the measurement is correct (backup measurement, reliability, redundancy)
- Important and/or not repeatable measurements
- QM guidelines and/or specifications

- Customers/Contractors wish or specification
- Customer specific test setup, that requires 2 velocities (e.g. before and after a target or a other special given problem)
- Calculationof the ballistic coefficient

- Required by law
- Forensic investigations


TLSA 100

The TLSA 100 is a highly integrated lightscreen amplifier-controller system,
equipped with a easy to use speed measurement system and optimized
for using it together with the Real Time Trigger Systems (RTTS). It
is a ideal and very helpful supplement to these systems. With the infrared
remote control unit the TLSA 100 becomes a very flexible system, that
can be used of course also „only“ as a light screen amplifier.

- Completely controlled by microcontroller
- BNC Input- and output connectors. LS 260 input with special connector
- LS power supply from TLSA-100 possible (LS 260, LS 400)
- Multiple units can be managed with only one infrared remote control unit
- Power supply from 12 Volt battery or AC adapter
- Analog- and digital inputs and outputs
- Activ and passive Light screens can be connected to the TLSA-100
- Polarity of the digital outputs selectable
- Permanent digital Light screen regulation when passiv light screen is connected.
- Gain and Threshold adjustment with the infrared remote control unit
- Buzzer with adjustable frequency
- Display contrast adjustable with the infrared remote control unit
- Speed measurement in m/s und f/s possible
- 40,0 MHz speed measurement frequency
- Speed range with 1 meter measuring base: 62 - 2000m/s
- Measuring base adjustment from the infrared remote control unit
- Integrated shot simulator: can be used to test the Real Time Trigger System (RTTS) setup,
- camera exposure and sharpness before the (sometimes expensive) real shot.
- Adjustable simulation time and speed.

More technical information
Power supply: 12 Volt switching power supply
Power consumption with 12.4 V Uin: ~70mA (0.87W)
Dimensions in mm: B x T x H = 250 x 200 x 56
Weight: ~ 800 Gramm

Warranty: 36 Month


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